Brochure Grabber

A hassle-free process to upload your product specials.

Take your existing sales brochure and with a pen strike out any items you don't want us to show. Then scan the brochure and email it to us.

We have a special brochure grabbing tool that will import all your specials, with their pricing and expiry dates, onto the mall app.

Malls and tenants can use our free Mall App Dashboard to upload their specials, or they can choose to have the hassle-free option and outsource this service to us.


Users love competitions and they are easy to create and can be inexpensive.  

We have lots of experience with many competition types. Some are very cheap and yield great ROI, with some being very expensive and yet they yield low ROI. Let us assist you in creating cost-effective competitions that are hugely successful and popular with the users. Malls and Tenants can create their own competitions for free via the Mallinfo Dashboard, or they can outsource the competition to us. We can then advise you on the best options and create it for you.

Launch Events

Let us assist you with your Tenant Launch Event.  

We host multiple workshops with groups of tenants, highlighting the apps benefits in marketing their brand and products. We assist them with their initial data loading, Dashboard User credentials and any other issues. We can also present an exciting and professional talk at your Tenant Launch Event on the topic of "The Future of Mobile Technology".  


QR Codes

Our QR codes are Magic.

Our QR codes work better and differently than most of the other QR codes in SA. For those early adopters who will scan your QR code in your mall, there will be a great reward by providing the user with a relevant service. Our "Are you Lost?" posters provide a rewarding experience to the user - they scan the poster and immediately are shown their exact location in the mall, with below it a dropdown box asking which store they want to go to. Click and done!  

We also have an advanced QR code module that provides a Virtual Shopping Wall on Flat-screen Monitors and in Printed Brochures - the user scans a product and is instantly shown the product details and a navigation link to the retailer's store in the mall.